Second Vegans of Color Conference

The second Vegans of Color Mini Conference will be a virtual conference!


FREE ACCESS to the conference.

Accessibility: American Sign Language Interpreter for duration of the conference.

UPDATE: In-Person Conference CANCELED

Unfortunately, despite planning for months, we are unable to afford the updated fee for the venue and we do not want to make people choose between events since we are unable to find a new venue at a time that does not conflict with BVF. We are unable to change the date to another weekend or even month because we had people flying in from out of state and country and early August was the only time that suited everyone to be able to come together.

Therefore, we will be canceling the in-person VoC Conference in August, which was to be held on August 11th in Brooklyn, to avoid any event conflicts.

We hope y’all will still have a wonderful time at BVF and help make it a success once again and in the many more years to come.

Because we still want to be sure that VoC have a shared platform to build community with one another, we will, instead be hosting a virtual conference.

Details to be announced as soon as everything is in place.

Because of this change, we’d like to offer refunds to anyone that donated towards the in-person event via Fundly or FB. If you’d like a refund, please contact us by June 15th, 2019. Otherwise, your donations will go towards paying for a professional virtual conference and associated costs, including an ASL interpreter, across several days, so that it is free and accessible to as many people as possible.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your understanding with this unfortunate last minute change.

We’re still excited to work with a virtual platform and hope this will bring even more people together – vegan potluck conference party from your own living rooms, anyone? 😀

Hosts, Speakers & Panel 

Julia Feliz Brueck, Sanctuary Publishers (Co-host, Closing)

Michelle Carrera, Chilis on Wheels (Co-host, Introduction)

Starr Carrington, Black Feminist Vegan/Fuel the People

  • Food Justice, Community, and Advocacy

Doreen Akiyo Nartey

  • Veganism and the Global South

Leo Valdés

  • Veganism, Speciesism, and Trans Issues

Prateek Gautam

  • A Dalit’s Perspective: Casteism and Speciesism

Margaret Robinson

  • Indigenous Culture and Veganism

Mahika Gupta

  • Interspecies Connections

LoriKim Alexander, co-director of Black Cuse Pride

  • Black Queer Vegan Liberation

The conference itself and speakers are dependent on how much we can raise for basic expenses.


This conference is a grassroots, community funded effort made possible through crowdfunding, individuals, community groups, and organizations. THANK YOU!

VegFund, Nico/Vegan Optimism, Samantha Pachirat/Farm Sanctuary, Max Vollmer, Deborah Block-Schwenk, Suzy Gonzalez/Xicana Vegan Zine, Joyce Friedman, Zach Steckel, Joanne Madden, Rebecca Fuentes, Doh Driver, Andrea Kiefer, Suzanne Setti, Alison Levy, Lilia Trenkova, Jery Che/Stick to Resist, Shae Shannon, Stacey Phillips, Stacy Russo, Marcus Good, Carolyn Luke, Julia Caruk, Lenore Braford, Diego Casanova, Roy Vanegas, Sarah Crawley, Surya Sumantara, Tara Parnell, Maddie Krasno, Ireene Viktor, Lia Cowley, Vijay Kr, Alexa Reed, Joy Armstrong/CritterJoy Pet Accessories, Rachel Jeanne/Sanctuary Moon, Jacob Thompson, Kassidy Bernard, Dominique De La Loza, KD Angle-Traegner/Your Daily Vegan, Ndem Nkem, Caiti Jayne, Gwena Hunter, Niccy O’Brien, Elizabeth Frei, Demetrius J Bagley, Mike Nestor, Diane Fireweed Radmore, Penelope Cruise, Karla Starky, Adam Kol, Priscilla Rader Culp, Kelly Levenda, Martin Rowe, Allie Feldman Taylor, Roseann Marulli, Miguel Danielson, Shakirah Tabourn, Kelly Leonard, Elizabeth Quick, Alice Turner, Sjoen V Fuerst, Susan Halteman, David Asher, Tracye McQuirter/By Any Greens Necessary, Allison Jacobson, Jess Davis, Ari Nessel, Eve Wetlaufer, Kirsten Bakis, …(we will update this list as donations are made – thank you so much!)