Resources for PoC by VoC

Everything vegan from Vegans of Color* FOR People of Color:

*While we cannot vouch for each and every individual listed, we hope this will be a starting point for you as you decenter whiteness in your journey to fight against the oppression of humans and nonhumans.
If you do spot any transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sexism, or any other -ism from any of the following, please let us know. We expect consistent anti-oppression across all movements.



Books & Zines


Community-led Resources and Support



The following are a mini-list of good places to start learning about veganism of color:


Embracing an Inclusive Anti-Oppressive Feminism

Meat and Masculinity Politics 

Veganism  a Way to Combat Race-Based Violence

How Veganism is Connected to Indigenous Culture

Consistent Anti-Oppression  in Veganism