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FOR Black, Brown, and Indigenous People of Color BY Black, Brown, and Indigenous Vegans of Color!

Veganism of Color

 Veganism of Color: Decentering Whiteness in Human and Nonhuman Liberation

edited by Julia Feliz Brueck

Forget everything you’ve heard from mainstream white veganism; this isn’t a book about single-issue advocacy through the most privileged of lenses.

Veganism of Color” is a compilation of writings from seldom-heard voices of color drowned out by the same white noise that systematically oppresses us all– vegan or not. This community-led effort is a call from Vegans of Color to People of Color to decenter whiteness and work towards dismantling a form of oppression that, although very different, interconnects with our own.  Embracing a social justice spectrum that is aware of, and working against, all forms of supremacy is a must if we are going to achieve true liberation from systems of oppression for  ourselves and other marginalized communities.


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